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November 14th, 2020
Des Moines, Iowa

Informed Choice Iowa was founded in 2017 in order to protect individual rights to informed choice, medical freedom, and the privacy of the patient-doctor relationship. We are standing up to protect the rights and civil liberties every Iowan deserves. By bringing ALL the science into the vaccination conversation we will put a stop to the collateral damage caused by inappropriate one-size-fits-all vaccine regulations. Through a science and liberty based approach we will educate the public and elected officials while protecting individuals from possible injury.

Informed Choice Iowa unites Iowans seeking to preserve their medical freedoms. 

We are… pro-science, pro-informed consent, pro-parental rights, pro-medical freedom and many of our members are “ex-vaxxers”, “selective vaxxers”, “non-vaxxers”, and “vaxxers” who are passionate about preserving choice.

Vaccine safety is paramount to our members. We identify and will speak out when vaccine testing and safety is found to be lacking or inadequate. 

Relationships with Healthcare Professionals

We believe individuals (or parents of minors under 18) reserve the right to make their own informed medical decisions. We encourage healthy and mutually respectful relationships between medical professionals and their patients. We believe medical decisions should be between the individual and their physician without interference or mandates from institutions, including but not limited to, government, healthcare systems or educational systems. We want healthcare professionals to be free to make individualized healthcare decisions, together with their patients, and without blanket policies obstructing them from providing care tailored to the unique needs of each of their individual patients. 

Relationship with Government Officials 

We understand Iowa’s elected officials work hard for their constituents. They all have their individual passions and areas of expertise and they put in long hours while working at the Capitol during the legislative session. 

Our goal is to be a conduit for Iowans to confidently build relationships with local and state government officials. Upon building those relationships we then can equip elected officials with cited, sourced and credible information meeting the strictest medical and scientific standards. Our goal is when legislation regarding medical freedoms are presented to our elected officials they can be confident they have considered every angle, every concern, and every pro vs. con to make a confident decision. 

Donations are vital to ici's success

We understand not everyone is able to be with us in person at our gatherings. If you would like to get involved but your time is limited, your financial contributions are just as powerful.

Like many other health freedom and vaccine advocacy groups, we rely entirely on the generosity of others supporting our efforts through fundraising and donations. Our members are volunteers; all donations go toward education and advocacy efforts in Iowa.

Consider making a donation today.

Information found on this page and other pages of this website are for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Please consult a trusted medical professional to determine what is right for you and your family.