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We Mean It... NO Passports, NO Exceptions.

Vaccine passport bill advances to Senate

Currently has passed the house without amendments, heading to the senate for a full floor vote.
This bill doesn’t ban passports. It merely prevents the state government from issuing one.
- It does ban government entities from utilizing them.
- It does allow Private businesses and health care facilities are still able to use them.
- It does remove eligibility for state grants and funding for private businesses if they do.
- It does not apply to health care facilities in any capacity, they are fully exempt and they may use their version of vaccine passports if they wish.
If leadership is unwilling to amend the bill than the bill needs to die so that we don’t legalize the medical industry being allowed to infringe on privacy and discriminate against citizens seeking treatment or visiting a loved one. Codifying that is a bigger threat than vaccine passports as it could set the precedence for future laws or be utilized against Iowans who wish to sue these facilities for violating their medical, religious, or privacy rights.

Call/email and tell them:
-Kill the bill if it cannot be amended.
The legislative intent for the medical exception is undefined and therefore incredibly dangerous for unintended court precedents, legalizing discrimination in our state.
Or, amend the bill to:
-remove medical exception
-protect employees (like Montana is in the process of doing)
- Share how this could impact your access to healthcare facilities or employment, share any experience you have getting kicked out of health clinics for the vaccine schedule already. Discrimination is not unusual in medical clinics, this will just codify it.

Call the Governor’s office daily: (515-281-5211)

Call Senator Whitver daily: (515-281-3371)

Email the full Senate daily:


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