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Lobby Days & Visits at the capitol building

ICI facilitates a handful of days each year for our group to gather together during the legislative session and speak to our elected officials about relevant topics and any potential legislation concerning medical freedoms. Iowa’s legislative session lasts about 4 months, beginning in January and ending usually sometime in April. 

Click here for most up to date information on the current session.

Coming Prepared for Lobby Days

ICI lobby days begin in the cafeteria starting at 8am. As a group we head up at 8:30 am to talk to legislators. If you come later that is perfectly fine! Most likely, you will find us up on the 2nd floor by the House and the Senate wearing pins or bags with our logo on them.

We speak to legislators in groups, so you won't have to speak to them by yourself. No prior experience needed, professional business attire required. We usually break for lunch around noon. You may bring your own lunch or you may also purchase food from the cafeteria.

In order to ensure we can have focused conversations with the legislators who are taking time to come out and talk to us, we request you make childcare arrangements for your young children. Children still nursing and easily worn are welcome, as well as older children able to be respectful of a business setting.

Please visit our Events page for specific date information.

Subcommittee, Committee, and Floor Votes

Legislative bills are introduced after the legislative session starts on January 11th, 2021. We will be monitoring both positive and negative bills. If a bill gets assigned a subcommittee meeting that is the only time the public may speak during a meeting about the bill. Those meetings are only required to provide a 24 hour notice. We try to get the word out as soon as we can so everyone can plan accordingly. If you would like to receive text or email notifications on legislation, meetings, events or other important issues related to this issue please submit your information so we can notify you.

Community Gatherings

We understand taking a stand for health freedom (specifically vaccines) can isolate you from friends and family… because it happens to us too. We don’t want to be strangers, we want you to feel welcomed and understood. We want our members to grow together. 

During the spring through early fall we host play dates and get togethers across the state to help build connections.

Please visit our Events page for specific date information.

Get to Know your Elected Officials

Any time of the year is the perfect time to get to know your legislators, especially if it's harder for you to get to lobby days during legislative session. How can you do this you ask…? Introduce yourself by calling, writing, or requesting to have coffee with your elected official. When they are provided, you can also attend coffee meetings hosted by your elected official. 

To find your legislators click here.

Not sure where to start?

Informed Conference

Every November we host the Informed Conference in Des Moines, IA. Where we showcase a variety of topics covering all angles of vaccine information. This is an all day event where people can learn more about informed consent and network with other like-minded people.


We understand not everyone is able to be with us in person at our gatherings. If you would like to get involved but your time is limited, your financial contributions are just as powerful. 

Like many other health freedom and vaccine advocacy groups, we rely entirely on the generosity of others supporting our efforts through fundraising and donations. Our members are volunteers; all donations go toward education and advocacy efforts in Iowa.

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