There can be a lot of exemption misunderstandings. Iowa Code, Chapter 139a.8(6) and Iowa Administrative Code, 641-7.7(139) outline the immunization requirements for students attending licensed child care centers and elementary or secondary schools. Under Iowa law, licensed child care centers and elementary or secondary schools accept religious and medical exemptions. 

Review the Iowa Department of Public Health’s website for more information or you may also use the medical and religious exemptions provided here on our website

You can find more information from the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) too.

Exemptions Q&A (from IDPH) *pdf

Medical Exemption Form *pdf

Difficult to obtain as most doctors do not want to sign them. This form must be signed by a medical doctor, M.D., or D.O..  A chiropractor signature will not suffice.  Your child has to have a significant medical issue that justifies not receiving vaccines, for a doctor to sign this.

Religious Exemption Form *pdf

This form can be printed off and needs notarized by any notary (most banks have a notary).  You cannot be questioned on what your religion is--that is illegal.  It can be any religion of your own choosing or design. Any school or daycare accepting state funds, must accept this.

Do exemptions expire? 

Medical exemptions expire only if the signing Physician (MD or DO), Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner has put an expiration date on the exemption form.

Religious exemptions do not expire. You do not need a new form each year, and an exemption does not expire just because the signing notaries license has expired. If you experience any of the above, please contact us at