We all know how daunting it can be to contact our legislators. We all start somewhere! Use the following prompt to help you

You can find your state and federal representatives here to start. Then you can get to typing!

Start off with Representative/Senator__________,

Then state why you’re contacting them, (I’m contacting you regarding the emergency powers code for vaccine mandates, I’m contacting you because I was made aware of emails school districts have sent out stating they will not be accepting exemptions this upcoming school year, because I feel my medical/religious freedoms are being jeopardized by current the emergency code, etc.)

Let them know how this affects you directly! This is where it needs to be specific to you! (I’m concerned with this because my child’s education would be interrupted, I’m worried about how far this code could be taken since it’s so vague, I am concerned with the safety of the COVID vaccine because it is fast tracked and under tested and I want to ensure we have a say in what, I'm concerned because my child is already vaccine injured, I see misapplication of law being implemented and I want this stopped, I’m pro-vax but firmly believe parents should have the right to choose etc.)

End by stating what you would like done (Please fix this policy as session reconvenes by removing vaccine mandates under any circumstance and recognizing and accepting exemptions under all circumstances, this is a top priority for our family, this is a vote deciding issue for our family etc.)

End with a Thank You/ Sincerely

**Please note: We do not provide a standard script reply, we want all of these letters to be uniquely written so they are real and legislators will read them. Canned response letters get discarded- they want to hear how it directly affects their constituents on a PERSONAL level. That message doesn’t get conveyed if we all send the exact same thing

Focus on safety issues, focus on constitutional rights issues and build from there!