Due to COVID-19, legislative session was put on hold mid-March. They resumed on June 3rd. We are keeping an eye on bills and will update here as needed!

What can you do now?

  • Sign our petition to get the Iowa emergency powers code changed, to honor the constitutional freedoms, personal autonomy, professional livelihoods and reinstate and preserve all personal freedoms and liberties removed during any public health disaster.
  • Sign Representative Shipley's petition that is specific to mandatory vaccinations
  • Contact Governor Reynolds! 515-281-5211, press 8
    • We can all see where this is going and now is the time to be heard! We have a window now but we have to act fast! In the next few weeks Governor Reynolds is considering her administrative focus for the next year. We want her to know health freedoms are important to Iowans!
    •  Two points to mention:
      • Concerned with letters going out to parents regarding not accepting medical or religious exemptions this coming school year. Exemptions should be honored during this time considering the epidemic has nothing to do with the school vaccines currently on the schedule.
      • Very concerned with the department of public health and governors office having the authority to require everyone be vaccinated during a public health state of emergency? Is this constitutional let alone right to force this on citizens when vaccines are being warp speed tested for an illness with a 99.8% likelihood of survival?
  • Contact the following senate/house leadership: pat.grassley@legis.iowa.gov, matt.windschitl@legis.iowa.gov, jack.whitver@legis.iowa.gov, charles.schneider@legis.iowa.gov, and your local senator and representative
    • Tell them you want to see the unconstitutional public health disaster preparedness chapter and the exemption statute amended so that our liberties are not infringed upon during times of epidemic or emergency.
    • Talking points for guidance (need more help?):
      • Should the IDPH and one body of the state government (the Governor) have the authority to “Order the vaccination” of the citizens, with the only opt out being quarantine/isolation with undefined parameters? Quarantine is for the sick, not for the healthy.
      • Amend the language for code 139A.8-4b and 135.144-6: Tell them to amend the language to reflect individual and religious liberty.
      • Religious and medical issues do not go out the window in times of emergency. Exemptions must stand during those times as well.
      • Do we want the Governor or IDPH to have the authority to order individuals be vaccinated with “warp speed tested” vaccines with little to no safety testing or known side effects in the name of virus containment?
      • Should the next epidemic have a different government that favors more controlling measures than our Governor has taken, what could they do to the citizens of Iowa?
      • The constitution does not go out the window during times of emergency, on the contrary it must be defended and upheld especially during those times.
      • Request a policy change to restore checks and balances by amending the emergency powers laws to include legislative approval before renewal.
      • Tell them you want to see the unconstitutional public health disaster preparedness chapter and the exemption statute amended so that our liberties are not infringed upon during times of epidemic or emergency.
  • Contact your federal legislators about the following bills:
    • H.R.6334: Aims to fund another international coalition/organization focused on vaccine research for epidemics. (This bill is currently awaiting subcommittee.)
      • One of the founders and investors is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Given the poor performance of the other international health coalition we were funding prior to this pandemic, WHO, we do not believe throwing money at another research venture will improve the overall outcome how epidemics are handled.
      • We already have the NIH, FDA, and CDC as members of the Health and Human Services Agency. We DO NOT need to fund another external organization, rather we need to better utilize the organizations that we have already created or eliminate the ones that are redundant and unnecessary.
    • H.R.6666 - COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act
      • "To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes"
      • This bill is a slippery slope That could lead to digital tracking of your location and your health, a major violation of our constitutional rights.
      • Why is this necessary for this virus, when we do not do this for other respiratory viruses or other communicable diseases at this time?
      • If this virus has a 90+% recovery rate why would this be necessary?
      • Ventura county, California has announced it's plans to possibly remove those who test positive for the virus from their homes, to protect the other people in the home. How is this constitutional? Would you be comfortable with someone taking a child out of your home if they tested positive?
      • Wouldn’t this bill be more effective if we just focused on improving testing to the point Primary care providers can test and advise their patients in containment and treatment?


Not sure how to start writing your legislators? Click here for help!


Current Action Items (On hold due to COVID-19, stay tuned!)

SF 2302 (Formerly SF 2172): Requires immunization information to be disclosed on medical examiner investigation forms for infants-3 years old.

Passed full Senate Human Resources committee 2/18 and passed by a party line vote. 8-5, Republicans voting yes, Democrats voting no.

Yeas, 8: Sweeney, Segebart, Carlin, Costello, Edler, Garrett, Greene, and

Nays, 5: Mathis, Bolkcom, Jochum, Quirmbach, and Ragan.

Now it heads on to the Senate!

Talking points:
• Vaccine safety and monitoring should be of top concern to ensure the health and well-being of our future generations.
• Potential vaccine related deaths are not currently being evaluated to the best of their ability.
• This bill will help improve vaccine safety and allow data to be evaluated in a new way.
• Death is a reported adverse event for all vaccinations on the CDC schedule.
Less than 1% of all vaccine adverse events are reported.
• The US is LAST among developed nations for its high infant mortality rate, despite having the largest vaccine schedule.
• Given the lack of data available due to an underutilized reporting system, it is concerning that SIDS research isn’t looking further into this data set as potentially playing a role in SIDS death cases.

Please contact YOUR senator and stay tuned for further action!

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Past Action Items

HF 2139: requires school immunization requirement documents to provide information about the religious exemption

Passed out of subcommittee (Yes- Shipley, Wheeler No- Kurth,) did not get assigned to full committee.

HF 2141: requires Iowa Department of Public Health to provide certain information on vaccinations (NCVIA, adjuvants and excipients)

Subcommittee chair (Moore) decided not to vote on this bill.

SF 2169: Prohibits financial incentives or penalties relative to vaccination administration

Assigned subcommittee (Sinclair, Koelker, Lykam), no meeting scheduled.

SF 2170: Enforces the federal law requiring vaccine adverse events and injuries be reported to VAERS

Passed out of subcommittee (Yes- Carlin, Green No- Jochum,) was assigned full to full committee and was pulled during caucus.

SF 2171: Requires written and informed consent or refusal for the Hepatitis B vaccination at birth

Did not pass out of subcommittee (Yes- Carlin No- Greene, Mathis)

SF 2173: Removes immunization status requirements for foster homes

Assigned subcommittee (Greene, Garrett, Quirmbach,) no meeting scheduled.

SF 2174: Requires written consent for vaccines given at school

Passed out of subcommittee (Yes- Guth, Segebart No- J. Smith,) did not get assigned to full committee.