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Wednesday, March 18th!

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Current Action Items

SF 2302 (Formerly SF 2172): Requires immunization information to be disclosed on medical examiner investigation forms for infants-3 years old.

Passed full Senate Human Resources committee 2/18 and passed by a party line vote. 8-5, Republicans voting yes, Democrats voting no.

Yeas, 8: Sweeney, Segebart, Carlin, Costello, Edler, Garrett, Greene, and

Nays, 5: Mathis, Bolkcom, Jochum, Quirmbach, and Ragan.

Now it heads on to the Senate!

Talking points:
• Vaccine safety and monitoring should be of top concern to ensure the health and well-being of our future generations.
• Potential vaccine related deaths are not currently being evaluated to the best of their ability.
• This bill will help improve vaccine safety and allow data to be evaluated in a new way.
• Death is a reported adverse event for all vaccinations on the CDC schedule.
Less than 1% of all vaccine adverse events are reported.
• The US is LAST among developed nations for its high infant mortality rate, despite having the largest vaccine schedule.
• Given the lack of data available due to an underutilized reporting system, it is concerning that SIDS research isn’t looking further into this data set as potentially playing a role in SIDS death cases.

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Past Action Items

HF 2139: requires school immunization requirement documents to provide information about the religious exemption

Passed out of subcommittee (Yes- Shipley, Wheeler No- Kurth,) did not get assigned to full committee.

HF 2141: requires Iowa Department of Public Health to provide certain information on vaccinations (NCVIA, adjuvants and excipients)

Subcommittee chair (Moore) decided not to vote on this bill.

SF 2169: Prohibits financial incentives or penalties relative to vaccination administration

Assigned subcommittee (Sinclair, Koelker, Lykam), no meeting scheduled.

SF 2170: Enforces the federal law requiring vaccine adverse events and injuries be reported to VAERS

Passed out of subcommittee (Yes- Carlin, Green No- Jochum,) was assigned full to full committee and was pulled during caucus.

SF 2171: Requires written and informed consent or refusal for the Hepatitis B vaccination at birth

Did not pass out of subcommittee (Yes- Carlin No- Greene, Mathis)

SF 2173: Removes immunization status requirements for foster homes

Assigned subcommittee (Greene, Garrett, Quirmbach,) no meeting scheduled.

SF 2174: Requires written consent for vaccines given at school

Passed out of subcommittee (Yes- Guth, Segebart No- J. Smith,) did not get assigned to full committee.